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September 7, 2007

A View from Fort San Pedro

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When I was little I used to remember the whole family (i mean the whole family — a throng of cousins, uncles and aunties, our yayas, even our dogs) going to this very relaxing and fun place. My father (tatay) would announce to the whole clan that we’re going to “Fort” (”Pa-port ta”… I actually used to think it’s called “Port”) and all of us would jump with excitement.

View from Fort San Pedro Iloilo

Along the Fort San Pedro Iloilo

We would bring food, blankets, and for my father, his fishing rod. I had no idea idea then what the place was really called, all I remembered was how we enjoyed so much running along the cemented ways and the slippery rocks, laughing and smelling the fresh and salty air of the sea. And when we got tired we would sit along the cement steps and look out to the sea; waiting for a fish to bite my Tatay’s bait and watch the sun set.

Ahh… good memories. Of course, when I grew up, I found out that the place was actually called Fort San Pedro.


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